Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Library Cat FINISHED

Library Cat
memorial portrait of Max
Oil on Canvas
14" x 18"

Max's portrait is finished - and looking great! This is, unfortunately, a memorial portrait, which is why there is a painting of a rainbow on the back wall. Please make sure you click on the photos to see the enlargements. I'll try to remember the various adjustments I made.

Close-up of Max's face

I added light to the underside of the lamp, and straightened the base a bit. I made adjustments to the position of his paws and added a fancy quill pen to go with the jar of ink on the desk in front of him. Maybe he's writing his memoirs.
Close-up of the adorable little mouse peeking out from under the book. I changed the left side of the book because it was too square for a bunch of pages.

Hope you had fun following along on the creation of this portrait!

Live Creatively!

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