Tuesday, October 30, 2007

3 Pugs with Personality

Three Pugs with Personality!

Pastel on Paper
Private Commission, NFS

These three adorable dogs were actually painted from one photograph! I don't know how she got them to sit like that LOL

Don't worry, if you can't get all the critters to behave at the same time, most of my portraits are painted from multiple photos.

Here are some closeups of their faces:


English Springer Spaniel
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The painting is signed by the artist,
the website copyright appears only on the internet
Satisfaction guaranteed!

The most recent charity auction for
English Springer Spaniel Rescue
Raised over $300 Click here to see!

I know the daily paintings are supposed to be of things other than dogs - and I promise to post some other subjects next time! I am leaving town for a couple weeks, so it might be a while before I post another photo. Back soon!
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