Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Library Cat part 4

The Library Cat is back on the easel - got the books in the background painted for the most part. Probably a few more touches as the painting progresses, but they're looking good. The painting did not photograph well, there is more detail than you can see in the photo, but I'm trying to keep it dark.

At this point, the cat reminds me of Felix the cat - I have cut the background into his head so his eyes appear too large, and his head too small. I'll fix that when I paint his head in the next few days.

The glowing rectangle to the left behind the cat became a picture frame. It will hold a 'painting' of a rainbow. I added it after I took the first photo, so it's not in the large photo.

The large dark area to the right of the cat will become the lamp. It was pointed out to me that the lamp was far too small, (or the cat far too large) - and they were right! So the lamp will be much larger than the original sketch. I get involved in planning, and sometimes overlook the obvious (like proportion).

More soon! Live Creatively!!

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