Tuesday, March 18, 2008


4" x 6" Oil on Panel

(copyright does not appear on actual painting)

Last summer, we took our dog, Mackenzie to the beach for the first time. She had an absolute blast! This 'snapshot painting' memroializes her joy in finding water that played with her!

On a side note, I think I am going to have to paint over the signature and do it again. I have a tendency to sign right along the edge, which makes it hard to frame the painting without obscuring the signature.

Also today, I started a commissioned portrait of "Spiffy". He was a very sweet little guy that lived a long and happy life. He is much missed.

This first installment is sketching his position on the canvas. I was debating whether to add his tail, which is not viisble in the actual photo, but I think I will do without it, since he didn't hold it up very often. I'm still thinking about it. Also you can see that I have his bottom a bit too far to the left. I'll fix that in the upcoming sessions.

Thank you for your interest and great emails! I enjoy hearing from you all!

- Liz
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