Friday, August 03, 2007

Young Boy by Fence


As promised, here is a photo of one of my recent commissions!

This oil on canvas portrait of an adorable young man was composed mostly from one photo that had a nice shot of his face, and another with a shot of the door that they wanted for background. The problem was that the original photo was of him in a bathrobe and I didn't find out until partially through the painting that they didn't want the portrait of him in the bathrobe, but in a shirt that was seen in a third photo. Well, generally, there is a charge for having to make a major change in the portrait after it has been started, but the adjusted portrait looked so much better than the original idea, that I couldn't charge a thing!

I'm working on another large commission (actually I'm working on 3 good-sized commissions, but one is 30"x40") which I can't wait to show you when they are finished!

Thanks for your interest, and please ask any questions you have! I'm glad to answer them and I will answer all emails!

More posts soon!! ???

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