Monday, September 15, 2008

JB the Scotty Gets his Turn . . .. finally


I hope everyone has survived the storms and managed to get to a safe place. I hope if you had any losses, it was just material possessions which don't matter that much in the real scheme of things. I live in the middle of Texas, we didn't even get any rain, so don't worry about me :)

J.B. the Scotty
18" x 24" Oil on Canvas

I've been working on J.B., but haven't had any good photos. Finally got a couple, although he's so dark that the camera doesn't pick up the variations very well. You may remember this is a memorial painting for a Scotch Terrier that has crossed the rainbow bridge. This is much larger than life, since Scotties aren't that large, and this is 18" x 24". It's looking good, hopefully when I get the background in, the photo will turn out better. I think all that white space is throwing it off. Also, he looks a bit bizarre without any eyes yet. Don't worry, he'll have his beautiful, loving eyes soon.

Here is a little close up of his nose, which shows more of the variation and colors of the painting better than the larger photo above. You can click on the photos to see a larger version.

In a total change of subject, I have one of those little plastic ponds outside my back door. I've stocked it with 10/$1 goldfish which have grown and reproduced - it's wonderful. Last summer a couple frogs found it and I've been serenaded nightly ever since. They filled the pond up with tadpoles, and now we have a little frog nursery - they are growing out of their tails and climbing up onto the lily pads - thought you'd enjoy a few pics of my baby frogs :)

You can't really tell it from these photos, but they're tiny!

Hope you and yours are safe, warm & dry tonight -

Live Creatively!

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