Friday, March 26, 2010

How Do I Get Down?

How Do I Get Down?
Bear Cub
4" x 5"
Oil on Panel

I look at all the beautiful photos that people take, and I think I can do that. Until I try to do it! I never get the 'right' shot to paint from. Fortunately, tonight I met an amazing photographer. His name is Jeff Heinatz and lives in west Texas. Jeff has taken the most amazing photographs of animals in the wild. He has a few of his photos online here: Don't bother clicking on his website, though, it's down. If you are interested in any of his photos, let me know and I'll get in touch with him. He has offered to let me use some of his photos for my Texas wildlife series.

This is the first painting from one of his photos - a study for a possible larger painting. I also worked on a still life and blocking in a few larger paintings. It's getting to be crunch time :)

Live Creatively!
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