Sunday, April 22, 2007

Golden Retrievers - FINISHED

Here is the portrait! Complete and finished!

Golden Retrievers
24" x 36" oil on canvas

A couple of things that I did differently from the original photo:
The colors are much brighter and more impressionistic.
In the composition the foreground has been darkened
to make the dogs stand out more
and to allow the fall colors of the trees to really pop.

In the close-ups below, you can see a the brushstrokes a little more
but you can't really see the subtle and complex
colors and textures in this painting.

Close-up of the dog on the right - no longer alien!
She has a ring of light, almost white fur around her neck.

Close-up of the male dog :)

The client first said "Oh! It looks so much different than it does on the internet"
(which is what I always tell people)
After she presented it to the recipient, she sent me an email saying
"Liz, we love the painting. Thank you for all of the work and updates!"

Thank you for your interest. I am off to visit the Ft. Worth Art Show today - should be a lot of fun and inspiration! Please forward to anyone interested :)

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