Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jet - Search & Rescue Dog

Black Labrador
Search & Rescue Dog

(click to enlarge)
Original Oil Painting
6" x 4"

This is Jet - a Search & Rescue Dog with D.A.W.G.S

In this painting of Jet, I was trying to portray his eagerness to help and his muscular body. His handler sent me a number of photos, but this one really stood out because he was so alert he was ready to jump out of the picture. I changed his pose a little bit for compositional reasons, but basically, this is the photo. Remember, these are just small, quick ol sketches, not full portraits. Because it was late, this photo was taken with a flash, and I will try to get a better photo tomorrow.

Jet was rescued from a shelter at 4 months old, at 2 years old he had earned his advanced certification for wilderness search with Disaster and Wilderness Ground Searchers (DAWGS). Now almost 7, he is one of the more experienced dogs in the group. His boundless enthusiasm and energy, unacceptable problem attributes for him in his original “pet” home, became strengths for him once he was taught a job to do and given frequent opportunities to practice it.

Chris Chorney - Jet’s handler - is a founding member of DAWGS and Operations Leader. 7 years ago he decided to expand his understanding of search management by getting a dog and becoming a handler. He never expected to get as challenging or rewarding a working partner, and as good a friend, as Jet.

Disaster and Wilderness Ground Searchers (DAWGS) is a volunteer search unit dedicated to the training of search and rescue dogs, handlers and support personnel in order to provide professional and highly-skilled search and rescue teams in the event of emergency response events. Formed in 1997 and operational in the spring of 1998, their primary search area is the state of Connecticut, although they are willing to assist disaster relief efforts and lost person searches wherever they are needed.

Thank you, Chris, Jet and all the other handlers & dogs out there that spend so much time and money to save us from harm.

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