Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rex - Mini Pin in Uniform


14"x18" Oil on Canvas
(click to enlarge)

I hated taking down Spiffy's portrait! Rex is a nice guy to replace her, though. He's wearing a United States Union uniform from the Civil War. When I do a painting like this, I do a lot of research to find a real uniform that suits the dog, unless the client has a specific idea already.

I have set up a new category on my website to showcase some of the more creative portraits I've painted. I have done a number of Pub Signs and some dogs in uniform. I'd love to do a cat in uniform! I didn't have them on my site, but I spent all day fixing that!

Click here to see more dogs in uniform and some really neat pub signs.
As usual, all the photos are clickable so you can see larger more detailed photos.

Thanks again for your interest in my artwork - let's all get creative!!!
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