Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Donation #16 - Garren - Police K9 Service Dog

German Shepherd
4" x 6" Oil on Panel

From his partner:

I work for the Beaverton Police Department and recently retired my first K9 partner, Garren. We retired Garren, not due to age or inability to do the job, but because in many ways he was just too nice. Garren licked the first "Bad Guy" he found and continued this trend throughout his career. Garren was gentle and I trusted him completely, even when my infant daughter would climb on his back, pull his tail, or try to grab his tongue.

Thank you Garren, Steve, and all the others who work hard to keep us safe.

I had a very productive day. I've been trying to keep to my schedule - and I was painting live on UStream at 10 & 4 today, Central Time (11 & 5 Eastern) I finished Garren's portrait, repainted that pesky still life that I've never been happy with (I'll show you tomorrow) and painted the Bluebird again :)

Yesterday, I painted Tulip's portrait. She is a corgi Therapy dog and her partner commissioned her painting. I have started a new section on Portrait of a Hero dedicated to dogs like Tulip that are Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and similar. These portraits are not donated, but I do give a 25% discount off of the normal commission fee.

I am now offering prints of the Search & Rescue & K9 dog paintings. I will shortly be offering prints of many of my daily paintings.

Thank you to Steve Anderson for your donation to the Free K9 & Search & Rescue paintings. Thank you to my son, Chris, for his generous donation of a video camera for my UStream broadcasts.

Live Creatively!

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