Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oskar Black German Shepherd K-9 Painting started - Donation #17

Hi all,

Gee, should I just pick up where I left off and pretend it hasn't been 3 MONTHS since I posted?? Should I whine and "explain" that I was busy with Christmas commissions and then about the time I finished up - my computer crashed (ok, it got a nasty virus) and I couldn't write and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, which I feel bad about! And top it all off with a mumbled apology about getting ennui and not wanting to do ANYTHING???

Ok, well, I won't! I'll just introduce Oskar, a police dog a dual-purpose black german shepherd imported from Slovokia who works with the police department in South Carolina. I'll have to get more clarification about what is 'dual purpose' . . .

This is one of my free K-9 paintings to handlers of Police Dogs, and Search & Rescue Dogs. Please email me if you have a K-9 or S&R dog, or know of one who would like to receive a 4"x6" oil portrait free of charge. This is my way of saying thank you to all those who put their lives on the line for us.

I actually painted Oskar's entire portrait, but just was NOT happy with it. I started completely over, and this is the result so far. Oskar is in a difficult pose. This is one of the situations where you really have to pay attention to the 'negative' shapes, such as the shape of the space between his front and back legs. I am going to let this painting dry for a few days so that when I come back in with the next layer, this basic sketch won't be disturbed.

I also have some Christmas commissions that I want to share with you soon.

So, keep your eyes open, your spirits up and live creatively!!

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