Saturday, February 28, 2009

K9 Portrait - Pico - Donation #19

Portrait of Pico - K9 with Dallas Police Department

I juts got a note from the officer that handles Pico. He says Pico caught another bad guy hiding in some bushes early Wednesday morning. He's up to 5 bad guy catches now during his short 10 month career after finishing his training!

I've gotten the basic shape blocked in and will let it dry a few days before painting the actual portrait.

People have asked to see some of the photos that I am working from. The sketch is just that, a sketch - for basic placement. The details and accuracy will be worked in as I paint. I don't see much 'off' about Pico's painting so far, but give me time LOL . . .

In other news, I just got some software so that I can digitize artwork into designs to be sewn by an embroidery machine. I'm planning on drawing up a series of dog sketches that can be made into embroidery for kids and adults. I don't want to do the actual embroidery, just create the patterns and let others embroider it on their own items. What do you think? If you have any comments, suggestions, requests or ideas, let me know. Also, if you have an embroidery machine and would like to receive some free designs in exchange for test sewing them for me, I'd appreciate it, although it might be a while before I figure out how to do it. I have a Janome 350E and the software I got is the Pfaff Creative Digitizing v6 - I haven't gotten started with it at all yet, but I've read the instructions LOL . . .

Our car with 250,000 miles on it finally died and we're biting the bullet and getting a NEW Acadia - I'm all excited! We just have to find the perfect one - and the perfect price HAHAHAH my house cost less than this vehicle LOL

"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance." - John Petit-Senn

Live Creatively!

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