Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Angel en Plein Air & Black Lab

Angel en Plein Aire

4"x6" Oil on Panel

available $100

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Quick color study of a concrete angel -
Plein Air means it was painted on location, outside.

I have wanted to paint this angel from the first day I saw it.

As I was finishing up in my studio and through the window I could see the setting sun glowing off the angel. Although there really wasn't enough time to do a full painting, I couldn't resist this little gem.

It is painted using mostly the complementary colors of violet and yellow. This creates the feeling of the cooling shadows and the warmth of the sun. Complementary colors also make a nice neutral color when mixed together.

"Object of My Affections III"

Black Labrador Retriever

4"x6" Oil on Panel


Since Black Labs love everyone and everything and all food, the object of this Black Labrador's affections could be anything you could conceivably throw, including the couch, or an eagerly anticipated food treat

My goal was to capture the eager intensity of a black lab as they wait for you to throw something (anything!)

Paintings are signed by the artist, the website copyright appears only on the internet.

Thank you for your interest in my art, as usual please forward to friends - all emails answered :)

- Liz
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