Thursday, May 01, 2008

Postcard #2 - Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park
4"x6" Oil on Panel

Ok, let me start by saying I HATE PAINTING LANDSCAPES. When I tell people that I am a portrait artist, everyone (espeically other artists) say "Oh, you paint the hard paintings!" But to me, a portrait is so much easier than a landscape. I don't know if it is just because I find landscapes boring (probably) but I love painting people and animals. I love to have them 'come to life' and look back at me from the canvas. A landscape just does not do that! However, I want to grow as an artist, and that means painting things that don't aren't necessarily what I enjoy. Hopefully, my landscapes will improve if I paint more than one per year LOL.

This painting was difficult for other reasons. It was a very overcast day and there are no direct shadows or highlights. I like contrast in my paintings and there are none here. The background was not as colorful as I made it, I just can't help adding some color to a grey world.

Although it is always true, with this painting it is particularly true that it looks MUCH better in person. The background is not so dark and there is more detail than shows here.

This was a snapshot from a hike my husband and I took in Big Bend National Park in Texas, down by the Mexican border when we were tent camping down there a year or so ago.

The painting is signed, but the website copyright appears only on the internet.

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