Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ali - A Fire & Rescue Dog

Fire Search & Rescue Dog
Lee County Fire and Rescue
South Carolina
4" x 6"
Oil on Panel

Ali is a youngster in this painting, not matured and filled-out.

From her partner Rev. Ryan Riley, Firefighter Lt. / Chaplain:

Ali was a a rescued dog and I had searched for a good German Shepherd for a while when I found a picture of her on line and I fell totally in love with her. When we met, I think the feeling was mutual and we had a tight bond. She trained every day and was hard to shut down. She always wanted to work and play. She has only 5 rescues to her list simply because of an early retirement due to health issues. She has searched tornado areas and even looked for a runaway Alzheimers patient. Her last assignment was with the Lee County Fire and Rescue in South Carolina. She is now with a family that needed a companion and very happy to be just that for them. I miss her a lot but know that God has a purpose for all of us…..even our dogs.

Thank you Rev. Riley and Ali. We appreciate all those who work so hard to keep us safe.

I got the bloodhound done today too, and if I can find his/her story & name, I'll post it tomorrow ;)

Live Creatively!

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