Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Waylon, Bloodhound Extraordinaire :)

South Carolina Police K9

Oil on Panel 4" x 6"

Unfortunately, this is a memorial painting :( I love bloodhounds, they have such fantastic faces. I didn't know Waylon, but he looks like a stoic dog.

From his partner: Sgt. Grant Huckabee:

Waylon was 13 years old and he served his entire life to public service.
I had to have him put to sleep in February.


My husband points out that the "POLICE" on the car is crooked, but I point out that it's a 4"x6" study that should focus on the dog. Who knows, I may end up going back and painting the "POLICE" part over :P . . . Personally, I like it and think it looks okay, what's your opinion?

I am getting ready for my workshop Friday - Sunday with Qiang Huang. It's going to be held at the Iron Horse Inn, a bed & breakfast in Granbury, Texas about an hour's drive from me. I won't be staying over, but the grounds are beautiful. Qiang does beautiful still lives, so I will be painting still lives this weekend. You'll have at least 3 to see before I get back to dogs :) I promise to show them, no matter how they turn out. LOL

Live Creatively!

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