Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Old Brass

I should have taken a photo of the actual still life, so you could see that the brass is not shiny - it looks very much like this painting. Today's painting could be a small brass chocolate pot, or maybe it's just an old plant watering pot :) In any case, it's old.

Old Brass Whatchamacallit
6" x 4"
Gouache on Illus Board

If you know what this would be called - a pitcher? I'm not sure . . . let me know. I've only gotten one suggestion for the decoy painting :( Don't you have a name for it? The suggestion was "Congress" since they're a bunch of ducks that wake up in a new world every day . . . LOL . . . If you have another suggestion, let me know.

Thanks to everyone that writes me to comment about my paintings. I really appreciate it, and I always write back. Please forward this to anyone that you think would enjoy it. Ok, don't forward this one, forward one of the paintings I like LOL

Live Creatively!
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