Friday, September 25, 2009

Relic #3 - August

Relic #3 August
6" x 8"
Oil on Canvas

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The Iron Horse Inn, a bed & breakfast in Granbury, is built on the ruins of an older home that burned down. Theresa, the proprieter, often finds evidence of the old house and keeps them in a bowl. This is a doorknob that she found. Next to it is a (dead) June bug, which are ubiquitous in August, thus the name of the painting - August.

I've been working on the Mastiff Masterpiece, and am dying to show you, but every time I take a photo, I come back in and spend a half hour getting the photos ready and then realize I want to fix something, either on the setup for taking the photo (shadows, etc) or on the painting itself. After 3 long attempts, I have given up and will share Relic #1 with you instead.

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Live Creatively!!
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