Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bird Watching

Here is another painting from my backyard. It's not painted from life, though the scene did happen. Three pairs of cardinals have been stuffing themselves on our birdseed all winter. I think there's only one pair now, because it's probably breeding season, and they drew the lucky straw that let them have the territory with the bird feeders. So, this guy is probably the biggest fattest cardinal in the group. We have a silly Sylvester-looking wooden cat that holds a hose. I put him next to the bird feeding area and one fat little cardinal found him rather intriguing.

Bird Watching
Oil on Panel
8" x 10"

It's a very bright painting and doesn't translate well to the internet.

I've been looking around at the paintings for my show, and I think I need to find a color other than green :) Even the fabric that I was going to use for a still life is green. I don't even LIKE green.

Let me know what you think!

Live Creatively!

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