Monday, February 08, 2010

Dancing Shadows I

Dancing Shadows I
4" x 6"
Oil on Panel

During a visit to San Antonio, Texas a few years ago, this beautiful purple and teal cactus caught my eye. Yes, it really was purple and turquoise. It was in a small walled garden in an old mission. I am fascinated by shadows. I love the interplay between the light and the surface it falls on. This is fairly straightforward, the shadows are landing on flat sand. But the shapes formed by the cactus lobes almost look like a dancing couple. The wall created an impressionist-painting sky and where the blue paint was gone, the adobe walls were almost exactly the same color as the sand.

This painting is available for purchase, please send me an email if you're interested. It will also be available on my website Daily Painting By Liz (

I set up the camera early on UStream today - I actually painted "Dancing Shadows I" live and enjoyed some good conversation with those who found me there. When I went back to paint my scheduled show at 8 p.m. the camera wouldn't talk to the computer, or vice versa. I think I am jinxed!! I will try again tomorrow. I will start working on the connection in the morning, hopefully by afternoon it will be working. Firefox locks up completely when I choose my camera from the drop down options on This time it was because I said "broadcast" while the camera was turned off. It never recognized it again, although I rebooted my computer about 20 times. I'm not sure what I did to fix it last time, if you know anything about this kind of stuff, I'd sure appreciate your help!

I swear I will get this figured out eventually! Thanks for your patience.

Live Creatively!

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