Thursday, May 15, 2008

Magic Horse & It's Hot!

Today's Painting

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Magic - Arabian Mare
Burleson , TX
Oil on Panel 4" x 6"

This is a painting of one of my daughter-in-law's horses. You'll be seeing quite a few horse paintings in the next couple weeks.

I have some really exciting news! I have been asked to participate in a large, beautiful mural painting. You may have seen some of the previous murals that have been created. If not, click here to see them, they're really neat. They appear to be large paintings, but are actually mosaics of hundreds of smaller paintings put together to create a larger painting.

I will be a participating artist in the Equine Mural

I'll be posting the steps as it goes along. The way it works is that they send me a panel to paint. The panel has the dark/light composition shown. I have to come up with a painting that uses the basic composition, but is an independent painting in its own right. Then it will be combined with hundreds of other paintings to create one giant mural.

I will post pictures of the panels and the ideas that I come up with here and in my blog. Be sure to sign up for the email list in the column on the right so that you don't miss a single painting!

So, now you understand why I will be doing some horse paintings to get warmed up for the mural :)


(click to enlarge)

Watch Out - It's Hot!
Oil on rough panel
9" x 9"

You may recognize this from a previous daily painting.

I started daily painting so that instead of trying to get each painting 'perfect' and spending days on it, I would create a painting, learn from it, and apply my knowledge to the NEXT painting, instead of improving the existing painting. Although I strive to do this, I am just not capapble of leaving things alone if they bother me.

The cup originally seemed to be falling, but was empty - now where's the drama there?

Since this was painted entirely from my imagination, I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I like the coloring and the feel of almost spilling my coffee, which is a daily occurrence for me LOL.

So I have touched-up, improved, repainted and otherwise messed around with some of my old daily paintings. I'm almost happy with this cup . . . . . if you like it, it can be yours for $100.

The painting is signed, but the website copyright appears only on the internet.

As always, thank you for letting me come into your home or office every day, and for giving me the encouragement to create! Please forward this to anyone you think is interested, and I always love to hear from you!

- Liz
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