Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reina - German Shepherd SAR

German Shepherd
KlaasKids Foundation
Oil on Panel

From her owner:

"She is a German Shepherd, 5.5 years old and just a pleasure to have around. She was strictly a family dog until I received her from a friend. She's been doing SAR ever since. - she's trained for human remains detection. We are volunteers with the KlaasKIDS Foundation."

The KlaasKids Foundation believes that we can go far toward fulfilling our mission by distilling the best knowledge and information through a societal approach that extends from the President’s Cabinet Table to the family’s kitchen table. We can win the war for our children’s future by acknowledging that crimes against children deserve a high priority on our national and personal agenda’s. Then, by forming and promoting partnerships with concerned citizens, the private sector, organizations, law enforcement and legislators we take responsibility to become part of the solution to fighting crime and we can take pride in pro-active accomplishments.

This is a special painting, not only is Reina a Search & Rescue dog, but her owner is active in the U.S. Air Force.

Thank you for viewing my artwork. I will have a lot to show you over the next few months :)
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