Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mack - Labradoodle at the Beach

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Mack Discovers Water that Plays

Labradoodle at the Beach
Oil on Panel
6" x 4"

You probably remember this painting from a month or so ago. I mentioned that I was revisiting some of my daily paintings. One of the reasons that I am doing 'daily' paintings is so that I will do quick studies, learn from the process and move on, instead of trying to create a totally satisfying finished painting as I do with my commissioned portraits.

Well, in theory, that's a good idea. However, I can't stand to have paintings that aren't as good as I think they should be. So, the other day, I took a bunch of 'completed' daily paintings and fixed them up a bit.

Here is the original painting:

The original is actually very close to the actual photo that I worked from. However, I felt that it lacked the color that I like to infuse my paintings with. The adjusted painting has more variety in the colors of the ocean and warmer colors in the shallow water and sand. I did this by putting away the reference photo and just working on how I 'felt' about the beach. I didn't change a hair on Mack, I think the painting had already really captured her excitement and goofiness at discovering waves.

Tomorrow, I have a commission to work on, but I am hoping to get a few color studies done for the Equine Mural panel that I received. I would like to get the painting completed over the weekend, but since I have no idea what I'm going to paint, that presents a challenge.

I just finished a great commission that turned out really well. I don't want to send it away :( It's a pub sign, and I can't wait to show you. As soon as it has been presented to its recipient, I'll be able to share! You're going to love it.

Also, I finally have the majority of the Search & Rescue paintings packed and ready to mail tomorrow. I'm going to miss having them around. Guess I need to paint some more.

As usual, thank you so much for your interest, your encouragement and your patience :)

Live creatively,

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