Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tucker - Chocolate Lab SAR Dog

Search & Rescue Dog with DAWGS

From Marianne, his handler:

Tucker is a 2 year old chocolate lab. He is originally from Corry, PA where I picked him up at 8 weeks old. He became involved in search & rescue at 4 months and has loved it ever since. Tucker's favorite things to do is swim, hike, play tug-of-war, fetch tennis balls, and destroy stuffed toys. He is a quick learner, strives to please and gets along with everyone. We do just about everything together and is adored by everyone that meets him.

Disaster and Wilderness Ground Searchers (DAWGS) is a Connecticut based volunteer K-9 search and rescue organization. DAWGS is dedicated to the training of search and rescue dogs, handlers and support personnel in order to provide professional and highly-skilled search and rescue teams in the event of emergency response events.

Thank you, Marianne & Tucker for your dedication of time and money to save us from harm.

If you are a member of Search & Rescue, K-9 or Mounted Patrol, please allow me to paint a small portrait for you at no charge, in gratitude for your service.


Now, on the art side of things - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this painting! This is hopefully the beginning of a trend LOL . . . I've had some really successful paintings lately. I don't know what exactly I love about this painting, it's just the look I've been going for with my art. It wasn't a particularly easy painting, some just fly off the brush (like Spiffy) but most are like this one - some success and then a lot of struggle (in this case the colors on his face were tough to get) At least at the end of the day, I'm happy with the painting :) It, of course, looks tremendously better in person, the colors just don't come across on the internet.

. . . I should have asked Marianne to explain the bell he is wearing. I assume it is so that they know where he is when he is searching. Or maybe he just likes to pretend he's a cow :)
The painting is signed, but the website copyright appears only on the internet. Your replies are appreciated :)
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