Monday, May 19, 2008

Thundering & Texas Blanket Flower

(click to enlarge)

Oil on Panel 4" x 6"

'nuff said

(available $100 unframed - email me and let me know you want it.)

(click to enlarge)

Texas Blanket Flower

3" x 3" viewable area
7" x 7" frame

(available $100 Framed! - email me and let me know you want it.)

This is a small, striking painting of a Texas Blanket Flower. I'm not sure why they are called that, possibly because they blanket the landscape with a beautiful orangey red. They are everywhere in the spring, along the sides of the roads and in the fields. They are just about at the end of their blooming period for the year around here, so I wanted to catch one before they were gone. I painted this from life - a bouquet that my husband and I stopped and picked off the side of the road. This little gem makes a bold statement in a small area.

I bought a bunch of small frames from a frame shop that was going out of business. I am trying to paint in some of the sizes of really neat frames that I have. I like the impact of this little flower in the big frame :)

As usual, thanks so much for your interest in my artwork and your many letters and comments! I will answer them all (eventually) and really enjoy you!

Keep on' creatin'!


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