Monday, June 23, 2008

Donation #14 - Wahsatch - Golden Retriever Search & Rescue

Wahsatch - Golden Retriever
Search & Rescue Dog with
Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs

Number 14 in my series of Search & Rescue dog portraits donated to their partners.

From Darrick, Wahsatch’s partner:

"Wahsatch and I are with Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs. We are an all volunteer rescue team who provide our services to any police agency requesting them. We do wilderness/area searches, avalanche rescues, water recovery, disaster recovery, human tracking/trailing, and cadaver. Our group is able to dispatch anywhere in the country if called upon.

"Wahsatch is a 1 year old Golden Retriever. And has a remarkable knack for trailing/tracking in a wilderness setting. His drive and focus once on the trail is amazing, and if it weren’t for the 20 foot tracking leash between him and myself, he would be at the victims side in a matter of seconds. Like most Golden’s, he thrives on attention, so a victim to him is just another person who will pet him and show him affection. He loves to please and is eager to learn, and shows it by barking happily as he performs each command, such as sit or down.

For Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, he and all the other dogs in the organization are the most vital tools used in our search scenarios. But more than that, they are our partners, our best friends, and all are a part of the SAR family.

Fide Canem…Trust the Dog."

I will not be broadcasting on UStream while I paint tomorrow. I will be out of the studio all day - I should be back and working at my easel Wednesday at 10 a.m. Central Time and again at 4-6 p.m. Hope to see you there

I worked on my 24"x36" canvas that I'm painting a beach scene. I am blocking out the general layout in acrylics. I may finish it in oils, but I'm having some fun with the acrylics. I haven't used them in years, and never have painted much with them. I did some interesting techniques with them today, that, had I used the 'final' colors, instead of the undercoating color, it would have looked really neat. Hope I can replicate it when I want to!

Thanks for your interest -

Live Creatively!

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