Monday, June 09, 2008

Theo - Golden Retriever Search & Rescue

Today's Painting

Theodore - Golden Retriever
Search & Rescue Dog

4" x 6" Oil on Panel

This is Theo, a Search & Rescue dog - I don't have his information yet, but I wanted to show you this beautiful boy! I painted this start to finish on UStream - Live! Join me tomorrow when I paint another one. I'll be doing quite a bit of work tomorrow, I'm going to be online starting at 9 a.m. Central Time Tuesday.

I am very glad that I decided to do live painting broadcasts. It is definitely motivating me to get into the studio. I had a hard time getting things to work correctly today, but finally got going about 4:30. Tomorrow morning I should be more punctual . . . If I can get the wire I rigged up to hold the camera! And remember to focus it LOL . . . this is a learning curve for me. But it is so nice to have people to talk to while I paint, and I love showing how a painting goes from start to finish.

I'll be in the studio at 9 a.m. tomorrow, and probably painting on and off all day long, so please join me! It was great to see some of you there! I will be broadcasting LIVE on UStream while I paint. If you're at all interested in my techniques and style, or just my fantastic wit - make sure you're signed up on my notification list so you can actually watch me paint. I will be narrating every move I make, along with the colors and any tips I think of during the sessions. Please join me :)

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Thank you again for your interest in my artwork -


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