Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mother's Love & Justus

A Mother's Love
8" x 10" Oil on Panel

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This was painted LIVE on UStream - start to finish.
Come by and watch! The first 1/2 of the painting process is shown below this post.

My daughter-in-law's horse Magic and her baby boy "Stitch" were the models for this painting. The photo was taken when he was only a few hours old. He is now 3 and sort of learning how to be a big boy . . . at least he had a saddle on for a little while, there's hope for him.

If you've been by my Daily Painting by Liz site today, you'll have noticed that I've been working hard all day. I wanted to make the remaining paintings available for purchase easier to find. I did manage to make a section with the few pieces I have - but mostly - I spent the day junking it up!!! Auuuughhhh! I do know a good website when I see one, I'm just incapable of recreating it. I just have so much stuff I want to show you and then, of course, I love color, so a little color here . . . a little color there . . . and the next thing I know, it's all cluttered up and icky looking. But it's been a very long day and I"m going to call it quits no matter how bad the site looks now LOL. My son is going to fix it up for me, he is a web-guru and has been asking me for years to let him fix it for me . . . so I am finally saying 'uncle' and letting him have a go at it. I'm sure it will be an improvement!

The second painting today is Justus - an absolutely gorgeous German Shepherd with the Portland Oregon Police Department. His partner wrote a really funny story about Justus's third capture and I hope you take a minute to go read it at Portrait Of A Hero - and appreciate those who put themselves in harm's way to keep the rest of us safe. Thank you very much Ryan & Justus!

German Shepherd
4" x 6" Oil on Panel

Come by and watch! The first 1/2 of the painting process for "A Mother's Love" is shown below. Justus's portrait is also viewable on I broadcast LIVE on UStream while I paint Monday through Thursday, and weekends on occasion. If you're at all interested in my techniques and style, or just my fantastic wit - make sure you're signed up on my notification list so you can actually watch me paint. I will be narrating every move I make, along with the colors and any tips I think of during the sessions. Please join me :)
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Thank you so much for your interest in my artwork - check back again soon, I post new artwork almost every day!
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