Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mom & Dad Make a Painting

Mom & Dad Make a Painting
(Mom's Bluebird & Dad's Handkerchief)

5" x 7" Oil on Panel

click here to contact Liz about this painting

I had to take 3 different sets of photos for this - it kept coming out really blue. Sometimes it seems that it takes longer to get a good photo and get it resized and cropped etc etc and uploaded than it does to paint the danged painting LOL - and of course, it always looks better in person.

I really didn't want to replace Paisley's portrait as the painting of the day - I love that painting! Although this one is nice too.

Wish me luck, a realtor is coming out tonight - we're finally FINALLY listing our house for sale. Don't you want to come buy my house and live in the best little town in Texas? It's a great town, but I need to move closer to the city and the museums :)

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